Crystal Shops and Naturalism

If you’re an avid crystal user or just curious about the energy of these stones, there are plenty of options for you to shop at. From established lapidaries selling museum-worthy specimens to sellers of rose quartz hearts on Etsy. This Queens spot offers toxic-free beauty, organic products, and a vast array of crystals like selenite wands and clear quartz clusters. It also sells reiki-infused candles and resource books about crystal healing. Check out Crystal Shops Fort Lauderdale for more information. 

Mardani Fine Minerals

As crystals continue infiltrating giant industries like beauty, home goods, and food, savvy collectors are opening galleries dedicated exclusively to the precious stones. But, more than just a trendy retail trend, crystals have come to serve a much more esoteric purpose. They’re being used to enhance home decor, serve as healing tools, and help people manifest their desires. A recent study found that “crystal healing” searches have spiked 40% in the last four years.

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The discerning mineral aficionados at Mardani Fine Minerals have been a part of this trend since it began. The gallery opened in 2014 with the goal of introducing minerals to the world outside of the closed private markets. They curate their collection with museum-caliber specimens from around the globe, ensuring that every piece is held to rigorous standards for rarity, color intensity, crystal perfection, and aesthetics.

To these experts, minerals are a natural art form. Their rare pieces have become the hottest investment in the market, with many rising in value at breakneck speeds. A blue cap tourmaline that cost $1.5 million in 2011 now fetches $10 million or more. The value of rhodochrosite has also skyrocketed. A five-foot formation once sold for $100,000, but now sells for over a million dollars.

Another spot to check out is Namaste Bookshop, located in the heart of the East Village. The shop has been around for over a decade, and is one of the best places to find crystals in NYC. It carries various tumbled stones in all colors worldwide, which are great for spiritual purposes and home decor. You can also get other crystals such as bracelets, lamps, and spheres.

This Brooklyn-based shop serves up a wide range of crystals for both the spiritual and practical. It offers a crystal of the month club, which has served devotees for years, as well as a host of other products and services that have garnered plenty of attention (including from The Hills’ Spencer Pratt). In addition to offering a wide selection of small and large crystals, you can purchase other valuables made of crystals such as necklaces, bracelets, phone plates, and vases.

Plants and Crystals

As crystals and self-care become inescapable Goop-ian buzzwords, the ancient concept of putting healing stones in your plants has seen a recent revival. Whether you’re growing an entire garden of greens or just one potted fern in your bedroom, crystals can be used to boost a plant’s positive energy and vibrancy. Often referred to as “plant medicine,” crystals help promote deep roots, reduce negative energy, and even repel pests and diseases.

Almost any crystal can be placed near a plant to increase its positive energy. But specific crystals are better suited for certain purposes. For example, if you’re trying to clear out negative energy in your home office, pair a Snake Plant with Smokey Quartz to purify the air and black tourmaline to hoover up any remaining ‘energy soot’. You can also use crystals to create a protective perimeter around your houseplants to shield them from environmental pollution or negative energies. Moss agate, clear quartz, and black tourmaline all work well for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also arrange crystals into a “crystal grid,” which is a geometric arrangement that amplifies energy for a set intention.

Before adding a crystal to your plant, it’s important to know if it’s water-safe. Some crystals dissolve or degrade when they get wet and can contaminate the soil or water supply. If you’re unsure, look up its Mohs hardness rating online. Most people choose to place their crystals in or above the soil of a plant. But you can also try a variety of other decorative approaches, such as placing the crystal in the middle of the plant or surrounding it with decorative rocks.

Many people find that selenite is great for plants because it cleanses the plant, promoting growth and preventing disease. Another popular choice is tiger’s eye, which balances solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras to help plants grow strong roots. If a plant is stressed, selenite can also eject its negative energy, bringing it back to health and vitality. Lastly, clear quartz and smoky topaz are great for reviving sick or dying plants because they help increase the frequency of positive energies.

Ruby’s House of Crystals

Ruby is a gem of passion, sparkle and pizazz. This gem ignites the fire of life and is a crystal that encourages us to live more and love more. This red-hot gemstone also helps to heal heartaches and dissolves symbolic lumps that may have formed from old stories or hurts. Ruby can help to rebuild trust especially in relationships and is a great stone for those wanting to grow their business empires and rise to leadership roles.

The Ruby crystal is a red variety of corundum (aluminium oxide) and is rated 9 on the Mohs scale for hardness. Ruby is known for its beauty and value, but the most important attribute of this crystal is its energy and protective powers. Ruby is a good choice for people who feel like they have lost their way in life or are struggling with self-love. This powerful crystal is a symbol of nobility and can be found adorning the hands of queens, kings and many royal figures throughout history. Ruby can be used to protect the wearer from abrasions, burns and other injuries. Ruby can also be used to stimulate the blood flow and bring a surge of vitality.

Ruby can be paired with other crystals that are similar in energy to make them more effective, such as the gentler water-energy style of blue-green stones or the earthy splendor of Red Jasper and Red Quartz. Ruby also works well with aphrodisiac gemstones such as Garnet for rousing passion and Chrysoberyl for nourishing the heart.

If you’re looking for a new crystal or are just curious what all the hype is about, head to this organic and metaphysical shop. This family and woman-owned shop in Queens houses toxic-free beauty products, Eastern & Western philosophy books, tarot cards, crystals and natural jewelry. Reviews say that the staff is very friendly and helpful.

This local Brooklyn shop opened in 2017 and offers a wide selection of crystals, gemstones, antiques and handmade jewelry. Its collection is constantly growing, so it’s worth checking back regularly. You can browse the entire inventory online or use their app to find a specific crystal you’re searching for. The store is always sourcing new and exciting crystals, and you can also chat with a specialist for guidance on selecting your perfect crystal.

The Naturalist

Naturalism is a philosophical position that advocates the idea that all things in reality are natural. It is often compared to materialism, but it is actually a much broader philosophy than materialism. Naturalism can include both dualism and monism, as well as atheism and theism. It is also compatible with all forms of realism and even some forms of idealism.

In The Naturalist, scientist Theo Cray finds himself suspected of murder after a former student is found dead in the woods in Montana. The police think she was killed by a bear, but Cray suspects the killing is more sinister than that. He is able to uncover the truth by using computer models that predict where the bodies are buried. Despite the fact that his investigations attract the attention of law enforcement, Cray is almost completely unopposed in his quest to uncover the truth.

This is a genuinely thrilling thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. It also includes a lot of science geekery that will interest many people, but the story is mainly about a man searching for the truth. Theo is not a tough guy, but he is very intelligent and uses his skills to hunt down the killer.

Although he is a renowned scientist, Theo feels compelled to do more than just research. He wants to help the victims’ families find closure and justice for their loved ones. He is also a dedicated family man who cares deeply for his wife Rachel and son Paul. Despite his devotion to his work, his family suffers from drug addictions and financial problems.

The Naturalist is a fascinating book, but it is not without flaws. One of the major weaknesses is that it does not explain the difference between realism and naturalism. The distinction is crucial because realism is a form of Naturalism that focuses on realistic depictions of the world around us.